Energy Farm New Employee Resources

View ACES Safety Policy Here


1)            Complete Basic Farm Hazard Training in Compass2G. 

 Use GOOGLE CHROME as the browser to access the Compass 2g website because the Farm Hazard Training ONLY works well through this browser.  If you use any other browser you will not be able to hear the audio portion of the training and your Certificate of Completion may not print correctly at the end of the training module!  Follow these steps:


1.       Open Google Chrome and paste this link into the browser:

2.       Sign into Compass2G using your NetID and Active Directory Password.

3.       Browse the Course Catalog for “ACES Safety”.

4.       Under Course ID you will see aces_admin_train_141366

5.       Highlight this course with your cursor and click on the grey arrow for a drop down menu which will allow you to “enroll”.   

6.       You will self-enroll in the training module.  The module will personalize your Certificate of Completion with your name at the end of the training.


Training certificate must be provided to your supervisor and Energy Farm


2)           Complete Energy Farm Specific Module in Compass2G


Fill out the training request at this link. REQUEST LINK


Once you receive confirmation that you are enrolled in the course, continue with the following steps:


1)    Go to the following website

2)    Sign into Compass2G using your NetID and Active Directory Password.

3)    Select Course “Energy Farm Safety Training”

4)    Watch the video presentation on Energy Farm Safety, click the “Reviewed” button below video when complete.

5)    Review the Building Emergency Action Plan, click the “Reviewed” button when complete.

6)    Complete the quiz


At the successful completion of the last three items, a printable certificate will be available in your badges.  Please provide certificate to your supervisor and Energy Farm

3)           Complete the Campus Division of Research Safety Hazard Communication Module


·     Search for “Hazard Communication (Right-To-Know)”

·     See the link below in Additional Resources for SDS sheets.


4)           Additional Resources

·        Illini Alerts Signup

·        Building Entry Request Form

·        Building Emergency Action Plan

·        Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Folder


5)           Sign up to the Energy Farm mailing list 



6)   Task Specific Training Resources

          -Please note that in addition to viewing these videos below, you must complete a hands on training/orientation to be documented as completed before using these resources

·        Tractor Operation : Contact Energy Farm Manager to request training. Email mailto:

·         Ladder Safety : See module in the Energy Farm Compass2G safety course.

·         Weed Eater Safety – contact Energy Farm Staff

·        Bushhog / Tractor Mounted Mowers (request CD to view)

·        Vermeer Chipper

·        ATV Sprayer

·         Zero Turn Mowers